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Cancer scare over widely-used diabetes drug

You remember that ugly old Avandia scandal, right? That was the blockbuster diabetes drug taken by millions that actually increased the risk of heart attack and death.

Patients actually DIED before the mainstream got wise!

Once that risk was exposed, docs rapidly switched their patients to other meds they claimed were BETTER and SAFER… especially a drug called pioglitazone, a.k.a. Actos.

But new research exposes the ugly truth.

Many of those patients were pulled out of the frying pan… and dropped right into the fire!

This drug isn’t BETTER and SAFER at all.

The new study confirms it packs a terrible risk of its own — one that’s, in some way, as bad as the heart risk of Avandia and maybe even worse.

This med can increase your risk of BLADDER CANCER!

The drug’s been linked to this deadly form of cancer before, but Big Pharma has tried its hardest to downplay the risk. It has even claimed it’s all just a mathematical figment

of researchers’ imaginations.

Good luck making that claim now!

The new analysis shows the risk clear as day, appearing in as little as TWO YEARS of taking the med.

Overall, the drug will increase your risk of bladder cancer by about 57 percent, according to the new analysis of seven years of Medicaid data, starting in 2007.

That year is the key to this whole mess.

That’s the year Avandia’s TRUE risks were exposed and docs began switching their patients to Actos so rapidly that, at one point, sales shot up nearly 15 percent in just two


Now, it turns out all those folks weren’t getting a better and safer drug.

They were getting a whole new set of deadly risks.

The bad news is that the risk continues to rise if you keep taking the drug. The good news is that it drops rapidly if you quit.

Hopefully, if your own doc has had you on this med at any point, you’ve already made the switch to something else. (And if you haven’t, give him a shout, and ask what your

options are.

This whole mess isn’t exclusive to the Avandia-Actos switcheroo.

Just about every time Big Pharma claims it has cooked up something “safer” and “better,” it turns out there’s a huge asterisk added to the claim.

It’s not much better… not much safer… and might even be worse.

The lesson here is to not only use caution when jumping around from one med to another, but to get busy fixing up your diet so you can reach the point where you won’t need those

meds at all.

That’s the only truly better and safer option out there.

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