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PROOF! Beat diabetes with this simple plan

When you’ve got diabetes, they want you to become a FOLLOWER.

FOLLOW your doctor’s orders. FOLLOW the Big Pharma plan to “manage” the diabetes. And of course, FOLLOW the carb-heavy mainstream diet pushed onto folks battling this disease.

Follow, follow, follow.

Well, friend, I know you didn’t get this far in life by being a follower. And if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, now’s not the time to start.

New research proves that if you stick to that mainstream diet advice, you’ll FOLLOW it right into the grave!

The new study confirms that if you REALLY want to get the main markers of this disease back under control, there’s really only one diet for you.

It’s the one you’ve read about right here in the Daily Dose.

Going low-carb will STOP and even REVERSE every major symptom of diabetes you and your doctor care about.

According to the new analysis of nine studies, this diet will slash levels of both HbA1c levels (a key measure of how much sugar is rushing through your system) and

triglycerides, a deadly blood fat linked to heart risk.

A natural diet low in carbs — especially sugars — will even RAISE your levels of HDL cholesterol, a.k.a. the stuff even the mainstream calls “good” cholesterol.

If there’s one downside to the study, it’s this: The researchers claim going low-carb is good for short-term weight loss, but not so much over the long haul.

Notice I called that a downside of the STUDY… not a downside of the diet itself.

That’s because this was a hodgepodge of research covering different periods of time, and — let’s face it — in longer studies, some folks no doubt jump ship and go back to their

old bad habits, which drags down the numbers.

When you study people who TRULY stick to this diet, you’ll find they not only lose weight over the short run, but they KEEP losing weight until they’re back in fighting shape.

And if they stick to the diet, the weight stays off for good.

That’s in addition to controlling and ultimately reversing every major sign and symptom of diabetes — and if you stop FOLLOWING the mainstream’s dreadful diet of doom, you’ll no

longer have to “manage” your diabetes.

You’ll have it CURED.

It’s so effective that you’ll be able to work with a doc to reduce or even eliminate your dependence on meds… and may no longer even need those irritating finger-pricks for

blood sugar checks and painful insulin shots.

Don’t believe me? Talk to a like-minded physician about getting started on a diabetes-fighting, low-carb lifestyle of your own and see the stunning results for yourself.

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