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The gluten-free SCAM coming your way!

I’m pretty sure one day I’m going to walk into a grocery store and find a shelf full of rocks — and if they’re stamped “GLUTEN-FREE,” you can bet people will be buying them up.

Crazy? Maybe. But we’re not too far off from that day.

Papa John’s just released a “gluten-free pizza,” but the company’s big announcement also included a WARNING.

Yes, a warning for crying out loud!

They said that if you TRULY need to avoid gluten — for example, if you have celiac disease — you need to pass on their gluten-free pizza.

Here’s a better warning: Treat Papa John’s pizza like a rock, and DON’T eat it!

Garbage is garbage. It’s true when it has gluten, and just as true when you pull the gluten out.

One new study out of Europe even finds that gluten-free foods are often JUNKIER than the supposedly “unhealthy” foods they’re trying to replace.

In many cases, they end up dumping in more sugar and salt, probably to mask the rancid taste of whatever weird gluten-free substitutes they’re using.

This study was done on European products with funny names like Koopmans and Peijnenburg, but you can swap in the names of any common American brand cashing in on the gluten-free craze and find pretty much the same thing.

Try it one day in the supermarket. Compare the ingredients and the nutrition facts on the back of any product with a “GLUTEN-FREE” stamp screaming at you to whatever it’s supposed to be replacing.

You won’t find healthier foods. You’ll find junk.

In theory, gluten-free diets aren’t a bad idea for many people… and they’re absolutely essential if you have celiac or some other belly-busting issue with the stuff.

But ditching gluten ONLY works if you do it right — and you can bet a Papa John’s franchise that switching to gluten-free versions of processed foods ISN’T it.

Sugar may be gluten-free, but it darn sure isn’t healthy.

And the amount of salt — which is also gluten-free — that’s added to processed foods is WAY too high for good health.

But want to know what’s free of both gluten AND sugar… and has a perfectly safe amount of sodium?


Eat more steak as part of a delicious low-carb diet, and you won’t even miss the gluten… or the sugar.

You’ll lose weight, feel better, and get healthy in a hurry, too — whether you have celiac or not.

And you won’t have to eat any rocks.

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