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Prostate tumor? Your treatment may be worse than your cancer!

If that new Craftsman snowblower zonks out on you, you can haul it back to Sears for a replacement.

If you’re not happy with those new work boots, you can swap them for a pair that won’t give you painful blisters.

In fact, the returns and exchanges desk was INVENTED for those times when that new coffeemaker is spitting out what tastes like battery acid instead of your morning brew!

But when it comes to getting surgery for your cancer, you’ve got one shot at making the right call… and your doc has just one chance to do the job right.

That’s why new research shows that guys need to put a whole lot more thought into prostate cancer treatment than they do for snowblowers, work boots, and coffeemakers.

Because it turns out more than 1 in 7 men later REGRET their choice when it comes to prostate cancer treatment — or DOUBLE the rate of regret we see in guys who don’t get


Overall, the study finds 15 percent of guys who get treated end up so miserable they wish they had just left the darned tumor alone.

That might sound low.

But it’s not even close to the TRUE number. Many more guys aren’t HAPPY with wearing adult diapers to control the embarrassing “drip” caused by treatment. And they’re certainly

frustrated with the humiliating bedroom problems that can come along for the ride.

But they don’t regret it. They accept it, thinking treatment — even with those side effects — was the only option.

In fact, they bought the prostate propaganda hook, line, and sinker, so they’re absolutely CONVINCED treatment was a life-saver.

If they knew the truth, I bet they wouldn’t just have “regrets.”

They’d be absolutely LIVID!

Here’s the truth: Odds are, your prostate cancer needs treatment about as much as you need a snowblower in Florida. Studies show prostate treatments ruin far more lives than they

save, since most of the tumors detected are 100 percent harmless.

That’s why decades of “early detection” with the PSA test and the sharp rise in treatment that followed hasn’t made a DENT in the disease’s death rate.

If you have a prostate tumor yourself, don’t rush into treatment.

Take a deep breath, and go over all your options — including the option to do nothing at all, except for “watchful waiting.”

That’s when your doctor just keeps tabs on the tumor’s growth to see if it turns aggressive. In most cases, that won’t happen… but IF it does, it can often be found in plenty

of time for treatment to actually make a difference.

Talk to your doctor about the option best for you.

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