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The next question you should ask your doc is THIS

Death and taxes are supposed to be the ONLY sure things in life.

But in my day, I’ve seen folks cheat the IRS and even cheat death — at least, for a little while, anyway.

Those two things may be inevitable, but I’ll add a third thing that’s a certainty in life, especially as you get older.

And that’s… MEDS.

We’re on so many drugs right now that we might as well replace the stars in the flag with 50 little pills!

Well, friend, if you’re tired of swallowing those drugs by the fistful, I’ve got the news you’ve been waiting for: A new survey finds there’s a good chance you DON’T need one,

some, or even ANY of your meds.

Even better, the report finds that you don’t have to sneak around… or quietly toss your meds in the trash… and hope your doc doesn’t figure out what you’re up to.

If you REALLY want to quit some of those drugs, all you have to do is ASK!

You’ll want to arrange that conversation right away — because, according to the new survey from Consumer Reports, if you’re like most citizens of the United States of Big

Pharma, you’re taking far too many medications.

The magazine finds that the majority of Americans — 55 percent, to be exact — are now taking prescription meds.

That’s meds with an “s” on the end, since people don’t just take one drug anymore.

On average, the typical patient who takes meds takes FOUR or more of them.

And the number of Americans on five or more has TRIPLED over just 20 years, with a full third of Americans over the age of 55 now taking at least that many, and nearly 10 percent

are on 10 meds or more.

All that’s bad enough, and it’s certainly the part of the survey getting the most attention.

But the part I want you to zero in on is your ticket off this crazy train — because the study shows many of these people don’t need at least some of their meds.

These drugs are so unnecessary that 70 percent of the patients who asked the doc if they could ditch some meds were able to — and they suffered NO ill effects for it.

If everyone were to just ASK, Consumer Reports says it would add up to 45 million FEWER prescriptions dished out around the nation.

So, make some calls to your own doctor. Have him go over ALL your meds — including any given by OTHER docs and specialists — and see if you can wipe any of them off the slate.

Odds are, you can. And you won’t get sicker by quitting.

You could even feel BETTER than you have in years!

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