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When a ‘mini’ stroke does MAXIMUM damage

Surviving a stroke with no damage is like hitting the jackpot, getting dealt a full house, and having the winning lottery numbers… all on the same day!

You can feel as if you’ve got so much luck on your side that nothing could possibly go wrong.

Well, my friend, you know what happens when you get complacent.

One day, out of the blue, the bottom falls out — and, in the case of stroke survivors, you just might fall about six feet under.

Turns out you WEREN’T as lucky as you thought you were.

Sure, you didn’t lose your speech… you’re not walking funny… and you have full control over your muscles.

But a new study finds that even when there’s no noticeable damage, that stroke quietly left a little something else behind.

It’s a ticking time bomb, and if you’re not careful…


Folks who’ve survived a stroke with no damage at all — or so they thought — are SEVEN TIMES more likely to suffer another stroke within a year.

They’re also TWICE as likely to suffer other serious health problems and complications than folks who didn’t have a stroke.

The risk drops a little after that first year.

But not by much!

After five years, 36 percent of folks who had a stroke that did no serious damage are either dead or battling serious health complications… compared to just 21 percent of stroke-free patients of roughly the same age and health.

The researchers are absolutely stunned by this link.

Those stroke survivors passed every test with flying colors. They did so well that their own docs could barely tell they’d had one.

They SHOULDN’T have had any extra risks.

Yet they DID.

I think I know why, and it’s pretty basic: Most folks who have non-damaging strokes don’t do much about it.

There’s no damage, so… why bother?

One study this year even found that folks who suffer a “mini” stroke rarely even get help for it!

Just 3 percent do what they’re supposed to and seek IMMEDIATE medical attention. The rest wait a little, and some may not even mention it until the next time they see a doctor… if at all.

But the longer you wait for help, the bigger the chance of damage including that ticking time bomb.

It’s time to cut the fuse and save yourself.

Get help ASAP if you ever experience any of the classic stroke warning signs, such as drooping face, weak arms, and slurred speech. Other symptoms including confusion, numbness, or feeling a little “drunk,” even if you haven’t had a drop to drink.

Don’t ride it out… don’t wait for it to pass… and don’t ignore it because it doesn’t “seem” serious.

Call an ambulance.

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