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Weight loss surgery FAILS the people who need it most

Weight-loss surgery was SUPPOSED to be only for the most desperate cases — people who were extremely obese and had already tried everything else.

Well, friend, an ugly new study shows it’s fraud, a dud, and a failure.

Yet you can bet it’ll be used to make the operation more popular than ever!

The new study finds that the bigger you are… the MORE DESPERATE you are… the less likely you’ll get the results you want.

In fact, just a touch over a third of the 9,713 surgery patients in the study could get their BMI down to a number that was less than 30.

That number would make them still overweight, but at least they wouldn’t still be obese.

Impressive? Of course it’s not… that means it FLUNKED nearly two-thirds of the time!

You’d think those ugly results would put the notion of surgery as a good option for weight loss to bed for good.


They’re doing just the opposite.

The study finds that folks who are most likely to get results, including weight loss and a reduction in meds, are those with a BMI that’s already less than 40.

So now, they claim surgeons should target these thinner patients — the very people who were NEVER supposed to have the surgery in the first place.

And they’re already using the kind of pressure tactics you usually find on used-car lots.

“Act now… this offer might not be here tomorrow!!”

Isn’t that ridiculous?

Next, maybe they’ll say the best way to get the BMI under 30 is to start out under 30… so let’s just slice everyone open and shrink the stomach preventatively instead of waiting for that weight gain.

Here’s a better idea for those bozos: Come right out and admit that this surgery they’ve been AGGRESSIVELY pushing isn’t nearly as good as advertised.

Fess up that the very folks who it was approved for are unlikely to get the BIG results they were promised.

The mainstream might be giving up on the obese and extremely obese, but I’m not.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it as many times as it takes to get the message to those who need it most: Whether you have to lose 10 pounds, 50 pounds, or even HUNDREDS of pounds, the best way is with a low-carb diet.

No tricks, no drugs, no surgery — just results.

Unlike surgery, the more you need to lose, the more effective it’ll be — with many folks losing as much as a pound PER DAY early on.

Don’t believe me? Stop reading about it, start living it, and see for yourself.

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