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The SECRET heart failure trigger you can spot… and stop

You know the old saw: The road to a man’s heart goes through his stomach.

Personally, I think they missed the mark by a few inches.

The key intersection on the road to your heart — the one that can either save your life or end it — is smack in the middle of your liver!

New research shows yet again the direct relationship between liver health and heart risk.

The more you let the first one slip, the bigger the other one gets.

And if you develop the silent scourge of the 21st century — a liver condition so common that MILLIONS of Americans have it right now and DON’T know it — you’ll put yourself on a collision course with the most devastating heart condition of all.

That condition is heart failure — and the name alone is something you don’t want to mess around with.

It’s like engine failure on a jumbo jet in flight. It can bring the whole thing down!

And if you’ve got a common form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, that engine is sputtering — because the new study shows how it can lead directly to heart failure.

The specific condition is NASH, which is when your liver gets plumped up with fat, which in turn causes the thing to look like it lost a knife fight.

It gets covered in scars, which can lead to fibrosis, cirrhosis, cancer, organ failure, and more.

And, according to the new study, that’s not all it can do.

NASH can also cause silent damage in and around the heart, especially the kind of damage on the left side that makes it tougher to pump out blood.

And when it gets too tough, well… that’s the very definition of heart failure.

That’s bad news for up to 30 percent of Americans who have NASH right now. And it’s even WORSE news for most of them, because they don’t even know they have this condition.

You could even be one of them!

The bigger you are, the more likely you have it — especially if you have or are at risk for diabetes.

If you’ve found your waistline has gotten a little bigger than it should be, odds are you have some degree of fat plumping up your own liver. And even if you don’t have NASH or any other form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease yet, you’re at least waiting in line for it.

So, do your body, your heart, your liver, and your tailor a favor: Drop the weight. Take a few inches off your waistline, and your risk will sink faster than you can say “non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.”

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