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How to save your butt from surgery

There’s no butts about it: When your rear end is on the line, you can bet your bottom that you’ll let them do surgery to save it.

It’s not that you WANT to be hacked apart down there. No one does.

But if you’ve got rectal cancer, this is a life-or-death situation. You NEED that surgery… right?

Maybe not!

Turns out there IS a way to save your butt from deadly rectal cancers, and you may not have to bend over for that scalpel just yet.

New research finds that some… possibly even many… rectal cancer patients can take the same approach that’s worked out so well with many other cancers.

You can WAIT it out!

This isn’t exactly the same “wait it out” approach you can do for conditions such as prostate cancer, where you do nothing at all — just wait — and often never need treatment of any kind.

Rectal cancer is a much tougher beast to slay, so you’ll likely need nonsurgical treatment first, according to the new study.

But if it all goes well, you might be able to skip the worst part of it, and that’s surgery — which is not only painful and debilitating, but it will also leave you dragging around a colostomy bag afterward.

In some cases, you might be hauling it with you for the rest of your life.

Now, it looks like you might not need that bag at all — because the new study finds that 91 percent of patients who skip the surgery survive at least three years, which is the same numbers you see for folks who have the operation.

One in four battle a local recurrence of the tumor — but even in those folks, the survival rate hit 87 percent, which is also what you’d see in folks who had surgery right from the get-go.

If this were the first or only study of its kind, you might want to wait for more information.

After all, your butt’s on the line!

But another study published a few years back found a similar survival rate — so, I’d say the jury’s no longer out.

It’s back with the verdict, and your rear end just might be getting a reprieve.

This might not be the case for absolutely everybody, as it could all come down to how well you handle those first non-surgical treatments. But as long as you hit those marks, you’re in.

So, if you’re among the more than 100 people diagnosed with rectal cancer every day, talk to your doc about this new game-changing option.

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