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Mainstream hacks now adding insult to injury

Break out the tambourines and incense, my friend… looks like you just joined a cult!

I know, I know. You certainly don’t FEEL like a cultist, right? Neither do I.

But a leading mainstream “expert” is absolutely livid at the millions of Americans who refuse to toe the line and gobble statin drugs for cholesterol.

Steve Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic is so ticked off that he’s hurling insults at anyone who won’t play ball — calling people who won’t take statins “an internet-driven cult with deadly consequences.”

So, welcome to the cult!

Now, of course you’re not ACTUALLY in a cult. Neither am I.

If anything, HE’S in the cult… and it looks like he’s already drinking the Kool-Aid, too.

Nissen is hopping mad because of a new study that finds nearly 40 percent of the patients given statins quit within three months, usually because of side effects.

The study finds that over four years, 13.9 percent end up battling some kind of heart problem, compared to 12.2 percent of those who soldier on through the muscle pain… brain fog… sex problems… and more… and keep taking the drugs.

It’s an absolute difference of just 1.7 percent, yet he’s acting like this is some kind of massive benefit. He even wrote that the study shows “discontinuing statin treatment has serious negative consequences.”

But guess what, Stevie: CONTINUING statin treatment also has “serious negative consequences,” and they weren’t cooked up by some robe-wearing “cult.”

The FDA itself fired off a warning over the risk that taking the drugs can CAUSE diabetes.

That’s the exact opposite of heart protection!

But we’ve been down this road before. If you’re a longtime Dose reader, you know all about the ugly risks.

What really burns my bottom here is not just the push for statins — since I expect that from a guy like him — but his holier-than-thou attitude over all this, dismissing people as “cultists” over genuine health concerns based on science.

I don’t like bringing up politics. This is a health newsletter, after all.

But if 2016 taught us anything, it’s that the American people are sick to death of “experts” talking down to them like they’re toddlers.

Maybe we’re not all bigshot Cleveland Clinic researchers… but we’re not dummies, either. We can do our own homework, study the facts, and make perfectly good decisions, thankyouverymuch.

And we don’t need some know-it-all insulting us for trying to keep informed.

Don’t give into the bullying and name-calling. Be your own best advocate. Do your own research. Pepper your doc with questions, and make sure your decisions are best for YOU.

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