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Stay a step ahead of the Grim Reaper by doing THIS

Of course you’re concerned about your health.

That’s why you’re reading the Daily Dose instead of the funny pages, right?

But some folks just plain don’t give a hoot.

You know the type, right? They’re cruising toward disease and death… and they have the NERVE to think that YOU’RE the one with the problem!

They claim some people — maybe even you — go too far when it comes to health concerns. All because you CARE and want to live longer and better!

Well, friend, all I can say is let them keep calling you a “neurotic” and a “hypochondriac.” Let them chuckle all they want — because the latest research shows who’s likely to get the last laugh.


The new study finds there’s just no such thing as being TOO concerned about your health. When you’re concerned, you’re not just sitting around worried. You’re taking interest and taking action — like reading the Daily Dose.

And that could be the difference between you living to 100 and all those sad sacks dropping in their 60s and 70s.

It’s not just some psychobabble theory… even though this study was published in Psychological Science, a journal cranked out by the Association for Psychological Science.

They dug into the data and found that worrywarts, including folks who might be described as “neurotic” about their health, have a lower risk of just about everything bad.

They’re LESS likely to die from just about ANY cause, including the biggies like heart disease and cancer.

Looks like they were right to be “neurotic” after all!

The study even finds that the more concern you have over your health… the BIGGER the benefit you can expect.

The folks in the study were not only checked for their so-called neuroticism, but also asked to rate their own health.

You’d think people who said “fair” or even “poor” would be MORE likely to die, right?

Not the so-called neurotic ones.

Odds are, they weren’t REALLY in fair or poor health, just worried that they could be… because they actually lived longer and were less likely to get cancer than non-“neurotic” people, including the ones who THOUGHT they were in good health.

So, go ahead and worry.

Don’t let it dominate or ruin your life, and don’t let it stop you from living well and having a blast.

But DO make sure you worry just enough to stay informed, engaged, and ready to act — because as the new study shows, it’ll keep you one step ahead of the old Grim Reaper.

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