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Are you being SCARRED by your meds?

Congratulations! You’ve FINALLY got your blood pressure down low enough for your doc to stop hounding you about it.

Your success story is a feather in his cap — and maybe money in his wallet, too, if he works for a big corporate practice that gives bonuses for having patients who meet targets.

So, what will YOU get for YOUR troubles?

Despite your doctor’s claims… you almost certainly won’t get a longer, better life.

You won’t even get a set of steak knives.

But new research reveals what you COULD get if you reach those low, low, low targets with the help of certain drug combinations.

And I have to warn you… it’s not pretty.

You could end up with SCARS on your KIDNEYS!

Forget “Scarface.” The new study finds that lesions on the organs could be caused by the overly aggressive treatment of high blood pressure.

Studies on mice show how one system in the kidneys targeted by some drug combinations can go haywire.

It’s called the renin-angiotensin system, with renin being a hormone cranked out by your kidneys that plays a role in blood pressure.

This process brings down blood pressure, but it can also shut down renin almost completely. And when that happens, the study finds the kidneys could end up covered in these ugly lesions.

The experiments on mice found that the renin cells seemed to be trying to build new blood vessels… but they were ugly, defective, and weird.

Instead of carrying blood — which is what blood vessels are supposed to do (it’s right in the name) — they were filled with useless and defective cells.

This, according to the research team, can “dramatically” alter the structure of the kidneys themselves.

Bad news, right? You bet it is — but despite this “dramatic” discovery, the researchers are pulling the old “nothing to see here” act.

Don’t worry about it… keep taking your meds… and let us look into it some more.

Yeah, right.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my kidneys covered in deformed blood vessels filled with defective cells!

And if tests show you’re developing lesions on your own kidneys, it’s time to ask your doc to look into your blood pressure meds.

In most cases, you have plenty of other options for bringing BP down. Heck, even dropping a few pounds can do the trick, with no meds needed.

If it turns out you need a little more help, natural therapies can do what the drugs can’t and bring blood pressure down without marking up your kidneys.

Speak to a naturopathic doctor.

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