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This mainstream push could sicken thousands!

The cholesterol cowboys are saddling up for a new ride — and, unfortunately, it’s not off into the sunset.

They want to drive more patients across the range and keep them rollin’, rollin’, rollin’… right into the pharmacy for statin drugs.

And they’re up to their old tricks, pumping out rosy numbers to make you THINK these drugs are better than they really are. Their new sales pitch is so tempting that you might even consider joining the herd!

So, let me cut through the bull and tell you what the latest headline-making numbers REALLY prove.

If you’re short on time, I can even sum it up in a single word: NOTHING!

They claim that giving statins to every adult over the age of 45 — even folks with NORMAL cholesterol — will save 135,000 lives.

Of course, even they know getting EVERYONE on the meds will happen when cows fly.

So, they’ve cooked up a SECOND set of books based on the Big Pharma-friendly guidelines being pushed by the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association.

That would put more than half of the 45-and-up crowd on the meds, more than doubling statin use as 55 percent of Americans gobble the meds like cattle eating feed.

That, researchers claim, would save 86,000 lives.

Sounds good, right? We ALL want to save lives.

But these drugs pack more risks than a pack of hungry coyotes, and the hacks behind the study won’t even admit it.

They claim the only risk of mass medication with statins is — get this — “pill burden.”

That’s when patients are annoyed by having to take yet another med.


You want to know what REALLY “annoys” patients? The BURDEN of another disease… like diabetes… CAUSED by the very drugs that that were supposed to “save” them.

Even the most conservative estimates find that 1 in 250 statin users will develop diabetes.

Some estimates claim the risk is up to four times higher, but let’s use that 1 in 250 number.

The same plan that would “save” 86,000 lives would leave 140,000 saddled with a lifetime of diabetes — and giving them to EVERYONE over 45 to “save” 135,000 lives would CAUSE more than a quarter of a million new diabetes cases.

And, like I said, that’s a CONSERVATIVE estimate!

The researchers behind this new push also had the gall to claim that side effects are “rare,” despite the notorious and all-too-common risks including muscle pain, memory loss, and even sex problems.

Here’s the real deal on cholesterol: Anyone who lectures you on the number alone must’ve slept through at least part of med school.

You need a doc with the smarts to look at the BIG picture — and, for that, your best bet is an experienced naturopathic physician.

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