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What 115 million Americans have in common

In these crazy and divisive days, you couldn’t get 100 million Americans to agree on an acceptable pizza topping, much less anything TRULY important.

But there’s one thing more than 100 million Americans of all ages and politics DO have in common.

They either HAVE diabetes… or they’re AT RISK for it!

Shocking new numbers show that more than 1-in-3 Americans have diabetes or prediabetes.

Right now, more than 30 million Americans have diabetes and nearly 85 million have prediabetes, a grand total of 115 million people.

Let me put it to you this way.

That’s almost as many people as who voted for Donald Trump… and Hillary Clinton… COMBINED!

And more are joining them not just every DAY — but every MINUTE of every day.

The new numbers find that a person is diagnosed with diabetes in this country roughly every 20 seconds, or 1.5 million new patients per year.

And the older you get, the higher your risk — with seniors developing the disease faster than everyone else.

The biggest reason for it?

Many of the folks who are most at risk don’t even know it!

When it comes to most folks with prediabetes, either their docs don’t make a big deal of the warning signs… or they rarely visit a doc at all.

Even if you DO know, you often DON’T get the good advice you need to save your life.

You get just the opposite!

Most people with prediabetes are told to follow the carb-heavy mainstream diet that’s doomed to fail and can even speed the condition along, so you end up with the very disease you were TRYING to avoid.

But years of science makes it crystal clear that this is a disease of the diet — a disease of sugar — and the best (and in some cases ONLY) way around it is to ditch the carbohydrates that cause blood sugar to rise.

If you’ve got prediabetes, this diet will help make sure you never develop diabetes.

And if you have diabetes, this very same diet will help REVERSE and even CURE it!

The longer you wait, the tougher it is to turn it around… and the more likely you’ll become just one more number in these ugly new statistics.

So, don’t delay. Get started today.

If a shorter, sicker life full of meds and ER visits isn’t enough of a motivation to take action and avoid this disease, I’ll have another one coming up later today.

And guys, you won’t want to miss this one.

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