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This common condition can hit you below the belt

Want to get a man’s instant and undivided attention?

Don’t tell him his life’s on the line. Most guys will barely yawn. So, what else is new?

But tell him his LOVE life is on the line, and you can see the panic set in his eyes before you reach the end of the sentence.

So, gents, pay attention to what I’m about to tell you.

Because if you have diabetes… if you’re even at RISK for the disease… what’s on the line right now isn’t just your life.

It’s your LOVE life!

See? It works. And it’s true, as new research confirms the dirty secret about diabetes — the one most doctors won’t even warn you about, and the people who have the disease will rarely talk about.

This condition can throw cold water on any hopes for romance, robbing you of your ability to “do it.”

The new study wasn’t just a little old survey sent out to some diabetics here and there.

It wasn’t even one bigger study.

It was an analysis of just about all the high-quality data ever published on the subject: 145 studies with a combined 88,577 extremely frank men who were willing to speak the truth about what was going on “down there.”

Overall, the report finds diabetes will increase your risk of losing your vim and vigor in the va-va-voom room by 3.6 times!

It’s so common that some degree of dysfunction hits more than HALF of all men with diabetes.

That means if you’re at risk for this disease… or if you have it right now… you may as well flip a coin to see if you’ll ever have a normal love life again.

Because those are your odds.

Ladies, don’t snicker. The study focused on guys, but diabetes can take a toll on your own love life. This disease can cause you to lose sensitivity “down there” and even make it dryer, turning what should be life’s greatest pleasure into an exercise in agony.

So that’s what you’re up against.

Now let’s do something about it.

In men and women alike, the bedroom problems of diabetes share a single cause: high blood sugar, which can damage circulation throughout the body, especially nerves and small blood vessels.

Guess what you’ve got in your most sensitive parts? That’s right: a bundle of nerves, which get their supply of blood and oxygen via those small blood vessels.

So, focus on blood sugar control. Keep it tight as can be through your diet, and you’ll stop the damage in your capillaries… cut the risk if you don’t have problems… and restore performance if you do.

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