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The SECRET danger hiding in your home

Your kids grew up and moved out long ago… and even the grandkids seem like they’re ready to start their own families.

Where does the time go???

You might think that the last thing in the world you need to worry about right now are the chemicals linked to developmental problems in kids.

Well, friend, I’m here today with an urgent warning EVERYONE needs to read.

Turns out the same hormone-like chemicals screwing with children can do a number on YOU, too!

New research exposes the ugly truth about a class of chemicals called phthalates that’s used in plastics including food packages, toys, cosmetics, and more. They’re even in your milk, for God’s sake.

These chemicals so common, the new study on men finds that nearly EVERYONE has some level of them floating around in the body.

And the more you have in your body today, the more you’ll have to worry about tomorrow.

The higher your levels, the higher your risk of diabetes and heart disease, according to the study of ADULT men. These same chemicals will also trigger inflammation — so even if you escape diabetes and avoid heart disease, you could end up with a higher risk of just about everything else listed in the dictionary of diseases.

And while the study was on MEN, the researchers believe the risks will be just as big in adult women, too.

I know avoiding these chemicals might seem like a tall order, given how common they are. But you CAN bring your phthalate exposure way down with a few basics.

First, eat only fresh organic foods — not packaged garbage.

Second, store your foods in glass and stainless steel containers and avoid plastics. Even so-called phthalate-free plastics contain chemicals so similar that they could cause the same rot inside your bod.

And third, do your best to buy care products… including shampoo and cosmetics… in phthalate-free packaging. Avoid scented products, too — because believe it or not, even SMELLS are made with this stuff.

You may not be able to eliminate these chemicals completely, but you certainly can minimize your exposure and slash your risks of everything that comes along with it.

And since you won’t be chowing down on the processed foods cranked out by filthy machines and grubby hands in some Dickensian factory, you’ll get a bonus in the bargain: You’ll cut your exposure to other chemicals — as well as pesticides, germs, and more — and avoid all the other risks that come with them.

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