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Diabetes? Don’t forget your kidneys!

When you’ve got diabetes, it’s easy to focus on your heart risk, since that one’s the biggie.

Sooner or later, your ticker is going to try to kill you, right?

But diabetes doesn’t just sock you in the heart.

What makes this disease so deadly is that it manipulates nearly ALL of your organs and gets them to secretly plot against you.

In addition to your heart, your liver, kidneys, and even your brain can ALL turn on you in a hurry.

But new research reveals a quick and effective way to bring one of those organs back in your corner.

And if you have kidney disease — especially if you’re in the early stages of this Top 10 killer — you need to up your intake of antioxidants in a hurry to stop it from claiming your life.

These nutrients, especially vitamin E, can slash the levels of a substance called albumin that, when elevated, can show that your kidneys are up to no good.

And while this is good news, let me throw a little rain on this parade.

Slashing albumin is a BIG step in the right direction. It’s a sign that at the very least these nutrients might help stop the bleeding and keep your kidneys from getting any worse.

But it’s not a cure.

It’s not even CLOSE to a cure.

Heck, it’s not even a treatment, really, because in the study, none of the antioxidants — not even that all-powerful vitamin E — actually IMPROVED kidney function. And none of them prevented dialysis in patients hurtling toward the more advanced stages of the disease.

But don’t dismiss this, either — because as I mentioned earlier, this CAN help if you’re in the earliest stages of kidney disease.

Keeping albumin levels down early on is just the ticket you need to stop the disease from progressing to later and more advanced stages.

If you have diabetes, you could be in the earliest stages of kidney disease right now and not even know it. One study a few years back found that 83 percent of people with prediabetes have elevated albumin in the urine.

Your doc can test for albumin easily enough, but there’s really no harm in boosting your intake of antioxidants while you’re at it. Along with helping your kidneys, they can protect against long-term damage of diabetes and prediabetes.

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