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Start your day with this life-saving habit

I know it’s hard to believe, but you’ll be getting your first whiff of pumpkin spice in exactly one month.

And in exactly one month and one day, you’ll already be sick of it!

Yes, friend, pumpkin spice season is just around the corner — and that means it will be time to avoid coffee shops unless you like cloying smells and sickly-sweet artificial flavors.

Those of us who truly love coffee don’t need any of that junk anyway.

We know the REAL stuff packs real TASTE in every season — and the latest research shows how that mug of plain ol’ coffee is filled with real BENEFITS, too.

A cup or two every morning will do more than help you open your eyes and start your day.

You could get a LONGER and HEALTHIER life, too!

A newstudy out of Europe finds that the more coffee you drink, the lower your risk of just about everything out to get you.

Overall, three or more cups per day will cut your risk of death from EVERYTHING, in large part because coffee will slash inflammation and cholesterol and help keep your blood sugar under control.

As a result, coffee will cut your risk of circulatory problems, digestive conditions, and liver disease.

Ladies, the study finds coffee will cut your risk of cancer. And guys, this is going to sound absolutely bonkers, but coffee can even cut your risk of wanting to kill yourself. (Then again, who hasn’t wanted to kill SOMETHING before that first cup of the day?)

That’s not the only freshly brewed research out on this drink right now, either.

A second new study puts some numbers on those benefits and finds that if you drink between two and four cups a day, your risk of dropping dead for any reason plunges by up to 18 percent.

Talk about good to the last drop!

That’s still not even close to all the benefits.

Studies show coffee drinkers have a lower risk of everything from heart problems to cancer… and the caffeine in every mug can perk up your brain so well that you could get a memory jolt.

Coffee can even slash your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease!

There’s one caveat here, and it’s a biggie, especially if you’re the type who actually likes those sickly-sweet, seasonal “specialty” coffees. Adding that sugared-up junk to your morning brew will almost certainly cancel out any health benefits.

You should drink it black or lighten it up with a little cream, instead.

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