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Why your diet was sabotaged

Well, somehow it happened AGAIN.

Summer is half over… your beach body never made it out of hibernation… and you can’t figure out why.

You’re no slouch. You TRIED to lose the weight.

You followed the mainstream marching orders… gave up all the foods you love… and practically starved yourself in hopes of bringing that belt in a notch or two.

You probably even forced yourself to choke back nasty “diet” food to help cut some calories out of your meals.

Well, friend, new research shows how those “diet” foods were actually working AGAINST you all along!

Turns out a key ingredient in many low-cal foods and drinks can actually STOP you from losing weight — and, in some cases, might even cause you to GAIN it!

They’re the artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose, which are the main ingredients in “diet” and “no calorie” snacks. These chemical sugar substitutes are supposed to give treats a sweet taste without the calories.

But the new review of 37 studies finds ZERO evidence these things have ever helped anyone to lose so much as a single ounce.

Believe it or not, this gets worse.

It would be bad enough if these “diet” foods and drinks didn’t help anyone to actually diet.

But the study finds they can actually HURT your attempts to shed a few pounds.

Overall, these sweeteners were actually linked to small increases in BMI and blood pressure!

The same fake sugars were also linked to a higher risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome, which are the first steps on the path to diabetes and an early death.

They can even bump up your risk of heart problems!

And they have the NERVE to call them “diet” sweeteners???

The study didn’t sort one from the other to figure out which ones might be worse than the rest.

But there are really no good choices here.

Only BAD, with sweeteners like sucralose — which studies show might mess with your body’s insulin response — and WORSE, with aspartame, which has had more complaints against it than any other product ever approved for human consumption.

Aspartame has been linked to everything from migraines to cancer!

So, if you’re trying to lose weight, do it right. Forget anything that says “diet” on the label, and try to give up all processed foods — especially the carbs.

Get back to basics by eating rich, fresh, natural unprocessed foods, and you’ll get your beach body back.

And it’ll happen so fast you’ll still have time to take your new “beach body” out to the beach while summer’s still in swing.

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