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Why your doc is wrong about your BP

I trust most big drug studies about as much as I trust late-night infomercials.

If you’ve ever been suckered into ordering from one, you know the score. What you see on TV and what arrives in the mail “four to six weeks later” are usually two different things.

At least you can send that garbage back for a refund.

When you end up with a drug that doesn’t deliver on its promise, you don’t get a refund.

You get hospitalized!

New research exposes the ugly truth behind a rosy study about blood pressure meds.

It was called SPRINT, and your own doc might be using it right now to pressure you into rock-bottom blood pressure levels. Supposedly, cutting your top number all the way down to 120 will slash the risk of heart attack and stroke and save lives.

Well, friend, the four-to-six weeks later are now here. The package has arrived, and we can see what we REALLY bought — because a new study exposes the TRUE toll of bringing blood pressure levels down so low.

To hit those targets, you often need two or three meds — or more — and those drugs pack dizzying, memory-robbing, brain-fogging side effects.

The SPRINT trial did a good job of covering them up, claiming only 5.5 percent of patients given this fistful-o-meds suffered a fall, and only 2.4 percent suffered from syncope, another notorious side effect wherein a sudden drop in blood pressure literally knocks you out as if you just lost a fight.

But the new study — which used REAL people in REAL-WORLD conditions — finds that those risks are FIVE TIMES higher!

More than 1 in 4 suffered a fall, and 13.3 percent suffered from syncope.

It’s time to send that package of pills back and demand a refund — before it’s too late.

And if your BP is a tad on the high side, don’t stress it. That could be just a sign of age, when BP levels increase naturally.

Many leading docs — even those in the mainstream — are sprinting away from SPRINT and raising targets instead of lowering them, and some won’t treat hypertension unless the top number hits 150 or even 160.

Any higher — or if it shoots up without any obvious explanation — and you STILL don’t need a drug.

You need a doc who can figure out WHY it’s high and help fix it, often with a mix of weight loss and some natural supplements — instead of meds.

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