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How John McCain could beat brain cancer

Love him or hate him, Sen. John McCain is one of the toughest men in Washington.

“My friend Sen. John McCain is a dogged ole S.O.B.,” former Rep. John Dingell said. “Sharp as hell and tougher than a $2 steak.”

And that’s from a Democrat!

McCain’s a guy who looked his Viet Cong captors in the eye and said he’d rather stay in a prison camp — where he was abused and tortured — than get early release and become a PR tool for the commies.

But he’s never faced an enemy like this one.

He’s locked in a battle with a glioblastoma, a brain tumor so deadly that it has a median survival rate of about a year and change.

The mainstream will tell you the only hope of making it even that far is painful surgery, toxic chemo, and poisonous radiation.

The mainstream, of course, is WRONG!

There IS another way to beat this tumor, with cutting-edge studies showing just HOW and WHY the disease grows… and that same research reveals what just may be the key to KILLING that cancer before it kills you.

Like so many other tumors, glioblastomas are absolutely hooked on sugar. They need the sweet stuff to grow and spread.

If you can cut off its supply of sugar, it’ll starve to death right there in your skull!

You know how to do that, right?

Eliminate all sources of sugar, and not just the obvious stuff like added sugars in prepared foods. Skip the fruit and avoid all starches and any other carbs — because even when they contain no sugar, they cause your blood glucose levels to jump.

And the tumor will slurp it right up.

But take that sugar out of the blood, and the tumor will practically choke to death!

In a groundbreaking study published just last year, researchers gave mice with glioblastomas either a typical American diet with 55 percent carbs or a special high-fat diet that was just 10 percent carbs and plenty of coconut oil.

The mice on the typical diet dropped dead so fast it’s as if they were being poisoned (and, in a way, they were — since those toxic carbs were literally feeding the tumor).

But not the low-carb mice!

The special diet dramatically slowed the growth of the tumor and extended survival by a stunning 50 percent.

These were mice with tumors so deadly it should’ve been a death sentence.

Instead, they were living TWICE as long as expected!

If you or a loved one are facing this deadly disease — or any of the other sugar-loving forms of cancer — work with your doc on an ultralow-carb diet aimed at starving the tumor.

It just might be your best hope of saving your life.

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