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Slash your risk of the deadliest prostate tumors

So much research on prostate cancer is a waste of stinkin’ time, and I mean it.

Nearly ALL of the studies look at EVERY form of this cancer at once, treating them all the same. And that’s just d-u-m-b, since most of them are completely harmless.

If you read that, for example, some drug or other cuts the OVERALL risk a little, you should know right out of the gate that it’s practically meaningless.

What we REALLY need are studies that zero in on how to prevent the rare cancers that can HURT or KILL you.

And that, my friend, is what I’ve got for your today: a study that reveals one of the biggest keys to beating the only forms of prostate cancer you should worry about.

It’s a golden opportunity to prevent the deadliest tumors and save your own life!

This study looked at how the size of your body can change your cancer risk. Overall, being taller or fatter doesn’t make much difference — but, like I said, when you look at EVERY type of prostate cancer, you get a whole lot of noise and nonsense.

But then the researchers honed in on only DEADLY cancers. And once they focused on those, they found that both factors can make a BIG difference.

Every four inches of height will increase your risk of high-grade prostate cancer by a fifth and boost your odds of dying from the disease by 17 percent.

Of course, there’s not a heck of a lot you can do about your height, short of taking a hatchet to your ankles — so, let’s skip ahead to the one BIG risk factor that really IS under your control.

And if you take action starting today, your risk of the deadliest form of prostate cancer will plunge in a matter of weeks!

That risk factor is your weight.

The bigger you get in the belly, the bigger your risk of the deadliest forms of prostate cancer.

Every four inches around your middle will increase your risk of the most aggressive form of prostate cancer by 13 percent.

Those same four inches will do something even worse: They’ll increase your risk of DEATH from this disease by 18 percent.

That means bringing your pant size from a 44 to a 36 will cut your risk of getting the most aggressive cancers by 26 percent and dying of prostate cancer by 36 percent.

It’ll also make it a heck of a lot easier to find clothes without heading to the Big and Tall, so what are you waiting for?

Get busy and drop the weight as if your life depends on it… because it just might.

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