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How older women can BEAT depression

Ladies, there’s no shame in admitting it: You just don’t feel like your old self anymore.

It’s as if all the joy has been sucked right out of EVERYTHING you used to love!

It’s not age. It’s not death. It’s not disease. It’s not even watching the news every night and wondering just what in the heck is happening to the world around you.

The typical mainstream doc will completely miss the point on this one. He won’t look at WHY you’re depressed. It’s enough for him to know that you ARE depressed, and it’s off to the pharmacy for some happy pills for you.

But don’t fill that prescription just yet, ladies.

Not one, but TWO new studies have done what the mainstream has so far failed to do: They’ve nailed the leading cause of depression in older women and helped to find a REAL answer.

And it’s something your own doctor could be completely ignoring!

The cause is no secret to those of us in natural medicine — it’s your hormones.

When estrogen levels drop, your mood can fall right along with it — and once you reach the other side of menopause, your hormone tank is practically running on fumes.

As a result, the first new study finds that women over the age of 65 who have the telltale signs of low estrogen have a much higher risk of stumbling down into the dumps.

The notorious hot flashes that can make life so miserable during and after menopause? Well, they can wreck you in other ways, too — like increasing your risk of depression by two-thirds!

So, now that we’ve confirmed the cause, it’s pretty clear that it’s something no antidepressant in the world will cure. But natural therapies can, and the second new study spots one of the most delicious “treatments” of all: fennel.

You read that right: Fennel, the tasty little herb used in Italian food, can help turn the post-menopause blues into a much more uplifting number.

Women given 100 mg twice a day saw improvements in some of the worst symptoms of low estrogen when compared to a placebo. They had a fewer hot flashes, less anxiety, a boost in mood, and better sleep.

And it worked in as little as FOUR WEEKS!

Now, this might not do the trick for everyone. If that’s your story, you don’t have to let depression tarnish your golden years.

Speak to a naturopathic doctor about estrogen replacement therapy using bio-identical hormones, custom-created to match what’s inside your body.

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