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Slash your dementia risk by 23 percent

Could an orange a day… keep the NEUROLOGIST away?

A new study says it might — and if you enjoy a daily orange or grapefruit, or maybe squeeze a lemon or lime into your evening beverage, you could be getting more than just a burst of that distinct citrus taste.

You could get an extra blast of protection where you need it most: in the brain!

A single piece of Florida sunshine every day will cut your risk of dementia by 23 percent over seven years, when compared to folks who eat little to no citrus, protecting you from one of the most devastating diseases of aging.

The study’s more of what I’d call “interesting” rather than “proof,” since the folks who ate the citrus daily had a big advantage right out of the starting gate: They were healthier overall to begin with, and they had better habits than the rest of the gang.

But after making a few number tweaks, these folks STILL had a lower risk of developing dementia — so, there might be something to this after all, which isn’t too hard to believe.

Citrus fruits are more than just a tasty source of C. They’re also practically oozing flavonoids, essential nutrients that have the power do something that others can’t.

They can slide right across the blood-brain barrier that keeps most other stuff out of your noggin!

Once they’re upstairs, they can go to work against inflammation and oxidation, giving you just the boost you need to fight the damage that can lead to dementia.

There is a catch here — there’s always a catch, right? — and it’s a pretty big one.

If you’re playing word association and “orange” comes up, the next word you think of will almost certainly be “juice.”

It’s time to break that link for good.

A single orange is a decent snack, but it’s also as close to a ball of sugar as nature makes — and since a glass of juice contains at least four oranges, that’s FOUR TIMES the sugar.

A serving of OJ has almost as much sugar as a can of cola.

That won’t save your brain.

That’ll rot it right out of your head!

So, if you’re healthy and stick to a diet low in sugar the rest of the day, go ahead and treat yourself to that orange. If you’re trying to lose weight or get blood sugar under control, give it a pass. There are other ways to protect your brain.

And whatever you do, don’t drink the juice.

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