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How to STOP diabetic blindness

Can you EVER catch a break?

Seems like once you pass a certain age, all the parts wear out at once — and that’s especially true if you’ve got diabetes.

You could end up with damage from head to toe.

But of ALL the risks that come along for the ride when you’ve got this disease, none are as damaging to your day-to-day living than the condition that hits you smack in the peepers.

Now, a new study reveals one way to protect your eyes and prevent the vision-robbing condition known as diabetic retinopathy, one of the leading causes of blindness in the nation.

Here’s the good news: It won’t cost you a penny.

It’s not a drug, a diet, a gimmick, or even a vitamin.

The bad news? It’ll take some work, because the secret to saving yourself from this blinding condition is in curing another problem — and it’s one you probably don’t even know you have!

Sleep apnea is one of the most common “unknown” disorders in the nation. You snore loudly, and then you completely stop breathing — cutting off vital oxygen to your heart, which then can’t pump it out to the rest of your body, including your eyeballs.

Since you’re not awake, you have no clue it’s happening.

But if you’re a little bigger… if you’ve let yourself go a touch (or more) over the years… and especially if you’ve got diabetes… it’s a good bet you’ve got at least a little apnea tossed into the mix.

The new study looked at 230 people with diabetes who had never been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and it found that nearly two-thirds of them ACTUALLY HAD the breath-robbing condition.

Remember what I said about how apnea means the eyes can’t get oxygen?

The new study exposes the toll of that damage. The folks who had the sleep disorder were more likely to have retinopathy and more likely to have WORSENING retinopathy over four years.

And get this, because I’ve saved the worst for last: They were also nearly TWICE as likely to have retinopathy advance so rapidly that it threatened their eyesight.

That means you can kiss driving goodbye… and it might reach the point where you can’t watch TV or even read anymore.

No one wants to live that way, and you don’t have to.

Apnea is almost always caused by obesity. If you even suspect you have it — and if you’re obese with diabetes, odds are you do — then don’t wait.

Act now.

Dropping just 5 percent of your weight can ease the apnea. Dropping 10 percent or more might even cure it.

Get to it. You have a pair of eyes to protect.

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