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So easy, you can do it in your sleep!

Can you do SOMETHING… by doing NOTHING???

You bet your tail you can — and if you do “nothing” the right way, you can save your head!

That is, if you get more SLEEP, you can save your noggin from the damage of dementia.

New research reveals how missing out on snooze-time could cause your gray matter to practically leak right out of your ears — and while we already know how missing out on shuteye is bad for the brain, this one goes way farther than the rest.

They actually got more than 100 older folks with perfectly normal cognition to volunteer for spinal taps.


A spinal tap takes a sample of the juice that greases both the spine and brain (a.k.a. cerebrospinal fluid), which is as close a look as you’ll get to what’s inside your skull without cracking it open.

When researchers examined the volunteers’ sleep habits, they found a direct connection between the quality of their bedroom time and the quality of that brain juice.

The folks who got good sleep had 100 percent pure premium.

The ones who struggled with sleep issues had an ugly mess of brain rot so damaging that while these folks had normal cognition at the time of the test, they almost certainly were not going to stay that way much longer.

Their fluids revealed damaged tau, a protein that circulates in the brain and keeps cellular pathways straight.

Those pathways normally look like railroad tracks — straight lines that run through your brain so nutrients and other materials can make deliveries where they’re needed.

When tau is damaged, the tracks get twisted, and the supplies are cut off. Those twisted tracks are known as “tangles,” part of the notorious “plaques and tangles” damage seen in the brains of folks with Alzheimer’s disease.

In other words, if you miss out on sleep, you’ll have more tangles in your brain than in your hair on a windy day.

Put it all together, and you can see why so many studies have found links between lousy sleep and dementia.

That might sound like scary news. But believe me, it’s GOOD news — because if poor sleep can WRECK the brain, then good sleep can SAVE it.

And that’s our ticket out of this whole mess: Get some sleep. Not only that, but get MORE sleep, and get BETTER sleep.

If you need a little help, don’t turn to meds, which can actually boost the risk of dementia. Turn to natural treatments such as melatonin and magnesium instead.

I’ll have more on another common sleep problem coming up later today… and it’s one you might not even know you have.

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