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How hospitals undermine your recovery

When you’re laid up in the hospital, they’ll pump enough meds through your veins to stock a pharmacy.

Believe me, they don’t do this because you actually need all those drugs.

In most cases you don’t, but you’ll get them anyway.

Now, the latest research reveals the toll of the overuse of one of those hospital meds — and it’s a class of drugs dished out in hospitals like hot dogs at a summer BBQ.

They’re antibiotics, given routinely because hospitals have become such filthy pits that you could pick something up just from peeking in the window.

That’s why patients are given the meds. Not because they’re sick… but supposedly to “protect” them from getting sick off those filthy hospital germs.

Now, the new study shows how badly this can backfire, with 1 in 5 hospitalized patients on those meds suffering from side effects.

Nearly half battle stomach problems, like diarrhea.

That’s bad enough when you’re healthy at home. But when you’re in a hospital, that adds a new degree of misery to your life (especially if you’re confined to a bed and have to beg for help anytime you have to “go”).

Heck, the dehydration alone can be DEADLY to a hospital patient, especially if they’re on the weaker side to begin with.

Another quarter of them end up suffering from kidney problems, and 15 percent come down with blood-related conditions.

You know the score in a hospital: You don’t want to stay in there five minutes longer than you have to.

But the study finds that 24 percent of the patients who suffer from antibiotic side effects end up with extended stays as a result.

And for what?

For nothing — because many of them never even needed the drugs in the first place!

At least 19 percent had no evidence of bacterial infection of any kind. Meaning, they never should’ve been given the darn things.

I’d venture to guess the true number of unnecessary prescriptions is even higher… and the risks of getting them when they’re not needed isn’t limited to diarrhea and longer stays.

They can also lead to superbug infections. One in 20 of the patients in this study ended up battling C. diff, a nasty bacteria resistant to antibiotics that’s running rampant in hospitals.

So, if you’re laid up in the hospital or have a loved one who is, make sure there’s someone around who can be a bit of a nag in your corner.

Ask questions… demand answers… make sure you ONLY get meds if you TRULY need them… and do the same for those around you.

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