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This problem causes HALF of all senior ER visits

Watch your step, my friend.

As you get older, the risk of a fall grows — and when it happens, you can’t bounce back up as well as you used to.

And if you’re not careful… you could tumble right into an early grave!

I’m not just talking about Humpty Dumpty-ing yourself with a fall so bad you die from the injuries.

New research reveals how falls can hurt or even kill you in other ways, too… by kicking off an ugly chain of events that lead to such a rapid decline in your health that even if you survive, life might never be the same again.

Close to half of all emergency visits by seniors are from falls — and these folks end up back in the ER so often they may need a revolving door. More than HALF suffer serious problems within six months, and nearly half of THOSE folks end up right back in the emergency room.

Nearly a quarter end up falling again, and a third are so wrecked that they actually get admitted to the hospital.

They’re the lucky ones.

One in 40 of them DIE within those six months!

While ANY senior could suffer a serious injury after a fall, the study finds some folks face bigger risks than others, especially anyone taking brain-twisting meds such as psychiatric drugs and sedatives.

Patients with diabetes and folks on multiple meds also have a higher risk of suffering serious problems after a fall, according to the study.

Obviously, accidents happen… and, by definition, there’s not a heck of a lot you can do about them.

But you CAN cut your risk of falling and protect yourself so you’re not badly injured if you do take a spill.

First, don’t be too proud to face reality. If you don’t get around as well as you did, make sure your home is set up for that. The last thing you want is to be found flat on your face next to the toilet, bleeding from your skull, because you were too bullheaded to put up a handrail in the bathroom.

And second, muscle up!

It’s time to take the stereotype of the feeble old senior who struggles to even open a door and toss it into the street… because you DON’T have to let your muscles melt away as you get older. A diet rich in animal proteins and dairy fat can help you keep your strength as you age.

Many older folks might also benefit from creatine supplements.

Speak to your doc for the approach best for you.

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