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How to quit sugar… for good!

Finally — a diet fad even I can get behind!

Don’t worry. I’m not losing my marbles here. I’m not about to ask you to join Jenny… become a “weight watcher”… buy frozen dinners… or try any other gimmick out there.

This new “fad” is simple, basic, and effective — and it’s not even a diet of its own, really, although it’ll sure help get you there.

It’s a solid and effective plan to kick the sugar habit once and for all!

If you’re like most folks, your sweet tooth is the one thing standing between you and diet success. It’s ALWAYS undermining you, howling for junk you know you shouldn’t have.

Sure, you can ignore it for a little while. Many people do and lose some weight.

But then that sweet tooth starts acting up, and old habits come roaring back.

Yes, giving up sugar isn’t easy. Some folks practically have the DTs when they try to quit.

One study even found it’s tougher to give up sugar than cocaine or heroin!

Well, friend, the new “fad” takes care of that by attacking the one problem most folks don’t even realize they have: They never TRULY quit sugar, even when they think they have.

It’s from a book called The Sugar Detox that’s getting a lot of attention right now. Even CNN took a break from its relentless “fake news” coverage of politics to give people the scoop.

And the basic plan is this: Quit sugar completely for three days.

That’s harder than it sounds, because this isn’t just quitting added sugars in foods and candies.

It’s quitting ALL sugars in ALL forms, including the natural sugars in fruits as well as the starches like corn and potatoes that are converted into sugar inside your body.

Even alcohol is a no-no during this three-day kick.

In essence, it’s a ZERO CARB diet, where you’re eating mostly protein and fat.

Can you make it three days without sugar? I think you can — but you can bet it’s a challenge. Once you pass the 72-hour mark, though, you can break free of those sugar shackles.

The book recommends adding an apple on the fourth day, and I can’t really argue with that. But then it gets into a full month-long process of gradually introducing some natural sugars into the diet, and that’s where this gets unnecessarily convoluted.

Once you kick the sugar habit, keep kicking it. Sure, you can have a little fruit and a little wine — or any other booze — but keep the carbs to a minimum, and that sweet tooth will keep quiet as you lose more weight than you ever thought possible.

Don’t believe me? Give it a shot and see for yourself!

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