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The world’s most powerful cancer-killer just got stronger

It’s one of the world’s most powerful CURES for cancer — a proven therapy that can WIPE OUT tumor cells, DESTROY the disease, and SAVE your life.

Now, a major new study backs this safe and effective treatment in a big way.

But I’ll bet you haven’t heard a peep about it from the mainstream!

That’s because no one’s going to make billions off this one. It’s not some toxic new drug, and it’s not even one of the poisonous old ones that can still turn a hefty profit.

It’s vitamin C!

This stuff has already proven to kill cancer cells — while leaving healthy cells completely alone — when delivered correctly.

Now, the new study shows how to make this potent natural treatment even more effective.

In fact, it can be up to 100 TIMES BETTER than a powerful experimental cancer drug currently in testing.

Maybe they should scrap the drug and focus on vitamin C instead!

This new study didn’t look at C alone. As I said, we already know this nutrient is like a kill shot for many cancer cells.

What makes this one different is that it started with an antibiotic that’s also known to wipe out cancer cells.

The problem with this drug, doxycycline, is that it doesn’t kill ENOUGH of them… and the ones it leaves behind become even tougher to treat as they switch to another source of fuel.

So, in a series of lab tests, researchers did a little mix-and-match. They combined the doxycycline with both drugs and natural therapies to see if anything worked better against the tumor-building power plant of cancer stem cells.

Nearly everything worked better than the drug alone, but there was one duo that stood head and shoulders above the rest — and that was a blend of doxycycline with ordinary vitamin C.

Turns out the vitamin C steps in and cuts off that second fuel source, choking the stem cells and KILLING the cancer.

Obviously, we need more studies to know if this combo will work as well inside a human body as it does in a lab.

But even without the doxycycline, vitamin C is a proven cancer fighter. The trick is to get it intravenously, not from capsules.

Once injected directly into the blood, the C can attack cancers both on its own and in conjunction with other treatments.

To learn more, speak to a naturopathic medical doctor experienced in cancer care.

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