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The delicious secret to boosting your brain

You could fund entire nations with the amount of cash Big Pharma has burned in the hunt for a dementia drug.

And so far, they’ve come up emptier than a politician’s promise.

Despite those BILLIONS, there’s not a drug in the world that can prevent dementia or stop cognitive decline from getting worse.

But there IS something that CAN help, even if you’ve already begun the cognitive slide. And you’re not going to believe what it is… because I can guarantee it’s something you already love.

You love chocolate, right? Of course you do. Only weirdos hate chocolate.

And it turns out a key ingredient inside every piece of chocolate can do something NO DRUG in the world can.

It can BLOCK cognitive decline!

There have been plenty of studies that show the healthy flavanols in cocoa can help goose the brain. But a new review out of Italy finds these nutrients can help exactly the folks who need it most.

That would be older folks, especially seniors already in the grips of a cognitive slide.

Some of these folks might already be on the road to dementia.

But the ones who eat more chocolate could get a detour, as the study out of Italy finds a cocoa nutrient could help preserve some of the most essential parts of the brain — including working memory, processing speed, attention, and verbal fluency — in seniors at risk.

The study goes beyond just “making a link,” too, and shows WHY it works: Cocoa flavanols improve the flow of blood inside the brain, especially in the part of the hippocampus slammed hardest by cognitive problems.

In other words, a Hershey’s bar could do more for your aging brain than all the drugs in the pharmacy!

No doubt the junk food kingpins are hoping you stock up on candy like Halloween’s around the corner.

But let’s not get carried away here. Chocolate bars might have those brain-buzzing flavanols, but they’re also loaded with plenty of other ingredients you want nothing to do with — like sugar, sugar, and more sugar.

So, let me give you two quick tips on getting MAXIMUM benefits with MINIMUM sugar and calories.

First, go dark or give up. Dark chocolate has MORE nutrients and LESS sugar. It has about 15 times the flavanols of milk chocolate (and so-called “white chocolate” has practically none).

And second, you can get all of these benefits with ZERO sugar if you use pure, unsweetened cocoa powder. It’s available in the baking aisle of any supermarket and can be added to coffee, smoothies, and everything else to get a little cocoa taste without the sugar and empty calories of a candy bar.

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