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The FATTY secret to defeating colorectal cancer

Is there anything the clueless media CAN’T screw up?

There’s a groundbreaking new study out that shows a safe, natural, and effective way to BEAT one of the nation’s deadliest cancers.

This advice will cost pennies and slash your risk of dying of colorectal cancer if you have the disease.

Even better: It’s so easy, a dummy could follow it.

So, what does it say about the mainstream media that they couldn’t follow it?

Don’t worry. Ole Jack’s got you covered. Once again, I did their job for them — and I’ve got the LIFE-SAVING advice you need if you have or are at risk for colorectal cancers.

The answer starts with omega-3 fatty acids.

As far as those mainstream hacks are concerned, it ends there, too. If you’ve read their reports — and I’m sure you’ve seen them this week — you’d think the answer is to pop some fish oil capsules.

And sure, the study found that the metabolites released into your body as omega-3s break down can STOP tumors from spreading and SLASH your risk of dying from this disease.

But if all you do is take fish oil, you WON’T get those incredible results!

Here’s the part the mainstream missed: The research team didn’t just look at omega-3 fatty acids. They looked at both omega-3s and omega-6s.

They found that while those omega-3 metabolites seek and destroy cancer cells, the omega-6s can do just the opposite.

Those metabolites can HELP the cancer to grow, spread, and kill you.

Clearly, just as you need to boost your omega-3 intake, you ALSO have to cut your levels of those omega-6 fatty acids. And if you do one without the other, it might not make any difference at all!

The first part of the equation is easy — you can get more omega-3s from fatty fish, as well as supplements.

The second part is the challenge.

While you absolutely need omega-6 fatty acids, most folks are getting far too much… and that’s because the modern diet is absolutely LOADED with them.

Once upon a time, the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio was a solid 4 to 1. These days, it’s as high as 20 to 1.

The reason? Vegetable oils!

Vegetable and seed oils are packed with omega-6 fatty acids, and they’re in just about all processed foods, as well as “healthy” fake butter-flavored spreads.

So along with boosting omega-3 via diet and supplements, you need to cut back on processed foods and vegetable oils to get that ratio back to where it should be… both to fight cancer and improve your overall health.

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