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Depressed? Get relief from this simple mineral

Big Pharma’s going to hate this one, my friend… because an entire class of billion-dollar drugs is about to go up in smoke.

A STUNNING new study reveals a simple, safe, and cheap way to get all the benefits of antidepressants.

But this one packs NONE of the risks.

It’s magnesium, a plain old mineral you probably need anyway. And, in the new study, it wiped the floor with those antidepressant drugs.

It worked SO WELL that it’s hard to imagine ANYONE will use those meds once the word gets out!

The study focused on folks who scored between 9 and 19 on the Patient Health Questionnaire-9, a.k.a. the PHQ-9. That’s a standard test for depression, and those scores mean they have the “mild to moderate depression” that some 15 million Americans are battling right now.

Most of them take antidepressants for it.

Know how those drugs get approved? They have to cut that PHQ-9 score by five points. Meet that basic standard, and you’ve got yourself the next billion-dollar blockbuster drug.

But magnesium didn’t cut those scores by just five points.

It cut them by an average of SIX POINTS… and some folks enjoyed even BIGGER improvements!

That means it works AS WELL AS or BETTER THAN some of the most commonly-prescribed medications in the nation.

Those meds, of course, come with side effects. They can make you fat and weird, triggering both weight gain and personality changes.

And, in some cases, they can make depression WORSE.

Magnesium, on the other hand, can lead to a healthier heart, stronger bone, and a sharper mind — just to name A FEW of the “side effects.”

But let’s focus on its newfound power to beat the blues today, because I’ve saved the best part of this study for last.

While most depression drugs take up to a month to kick in (and sometimes longer), the benefits of the magnesium took effect in just TWO WEEKS.

The study used doses of 248 mg of elemental magnesium per day, which came in the form of four 500 mg tablets of magnesium chloride daily. The same doses are widely available in health food stores, vitamin shops, and online — where a month’s supply is about $10.

That’s $2.50 a week, or total of $5.00 to get relief from depression.

That’s less than a drug co-pay… cheaper than paying some yammering shrink to prattle on and on… and it’s far better for your sanity, too.

These aren’t dangerous doses of magnesium by any stretch, but since they’re higher than usual, speak to your doc first.

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