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Want to get healthy? Drink more beer!

I don’t need any more convincing that a cold brew can be GOOD for you, my friend.

But now, researchers have cooked up a new plan to make it even BETTER by dumping something a little extra into the mix: bacteria.

A lot of times, these things are marketing stunts — and no doubt they’re hoping to brew up billions by selling this to the masses.

But this isn’t just a stunt. It’s a rare case in which they got all of the details exactly right.

A lot of “probiotic” foods contain low levels of bacteria that aren’t even all that good, just the ones they can crank out cheaply.

But not the strain of healthy Lactobacillus paracasei that they’ve figured out how to add to beer.

This germ can boost your immune system… fight infection… ease digestion… and even help battle diseases up to and including cancer.

This stuff might even help you beat seasonal allergies!

They also got the levels right, with a BILLION colony-forming units of L. paracasei in every frosty mug.

So, even if this is a stunt, I’m not against it — in theory. I’ll just have to conduct extensive real-world trials first to know for sure. (Researchers, feel free to send a six-pack to Harrison House!)

But an icy brew on a steamy summer day is ALREADY health-boosting tonic, so it doesn’t really need bacteria… or anything else added to the mix.

Quality beer is a LIVING beverage, thanks to the yeast inside it, which is so good for you that it’s even sold without the beer. Brewers’ yeast supplements can help control blood sugar, among other things.

And what it does inside the beer is even better.

The yeast eats up the unhealthy sugars that come from malt and belches out healthy alcohol in its place, which is good for your heart, circulation, and brain (in moderation, of course).

As a result, beer drinkers live longer and are healthier, and many even WEIGH LESS! It’s true — the “beer belly” isn’t from beer. It’s from the unhealthy snacks people eat along with it.

And beer packs an even bigger benefit: It can protect your bones. Beer is the single best natural source of silicon, which is essential to healthy bone — and the stuff in a good brew can be easily absorbed and used by your body.

All beer contains some silicon, but you’ll find the highest levels in those crisp hoppy brews that go down so easy on a hot summer’s day.

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