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Don’t get scammed by this ‘diet’

Lose 10 pounds in just THREE days?

You know what they say about something that sounds too good to be true, my friend.

In this case, the sham is called the “Military Diet” (a.k.a. the Army Diet, Marines Diet, etc.).

I’m sure you know the military has a long and proud tradition of turning soft little marshmallows into lean, mean fighting machines… but we all know it ain’t the FOOD that does the trick!

Talk to anyone who’s been in the service, and you’ll hear plenty of stories of strength and comradery. But if they ever mention the chow, it’ll be to tell you how awful it was!

Yet scam artists are out there right now trying to exploit the good name of our fighting forces to sell a fad diet.

Don’t waste your time OR your money. I’m going to spill the beans on this thing right here and right now… for FREE.

The three-day plan involves bread, crackers, coffee, canned tuna, a hot dog, and even some ice cream — a combination they claim can fire up your metabolism so you lose weight fast.


This isn’t some magical combination of junk food.

The REAL reason you can lose weight fast is that over three days, you eat less than 3,000 calories!

That’s not per day. That’s over the ENTIRE time.

Better enjoy that hot dog. And you’d better savor that ice cream. When you swallow the last bite, you won’t get another thing to eat for hours.

I’m not even kidding.

It’s not a diet. It’s practically starvation, a new take on the ultra-low-cal eating plans but with a trendy new name and some junk food thrown in to make it tempting.

But it really doesn’t matter what’s on your mess tray when you’re eating that little. With so few calories going in, OF COURSE you’ll lose a whole mess of weight quickly.

You’ll also be so miserable, grumpy, irritable, and exhausted that you might lose some friends, too.

And once it’s over, you’ll be so relieved that you’ll probably make up for lost time. Nothing in your kitchen will be safe, as you attack everything in sight with military precision for the next three days (and maybe beyond), gaining back the lost weight and then some.

There’s a much better way than this, my friend.

You can lose weight quickly and WITHOUT going to these extremes. You won’t lose 10 pounds in three days… but many people who switch to a back-to-basics, low-carb diet lose about a pound a day early on, often for weeks at a time.

The result? You can get back into fighting shape… no phony “military” required!

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