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The mainstream claims this vitamin is dangerous!

Too much vitamin D???

You’ve gotta be kidding me.

With all the REAL health problems facing Americans — like severe and, in some cases, debilitating deficiencies in key nutrients, INCLUDING vitamin D — you’d think the mainstream would find another horse to flog.

But nope. It’s beating this one into the ground with a new report that claims Americans are practically poisoning themselves by taking too much of the sunshine vitamin.

It claims more than 10 million Americans now take “dangerous” doses of vitamin D.

And how much D does it take to be officially living on the edge?

You’d better sit down in your beach chair for this one… because the mainstream claims “dangerous” side effects could result from taking a supplement of just 4,000 IU per day.

Here’s how nuts that is: Your body can make about 1,000 IU in 10 minutes or less just from sun exposure in summer. You could hit this so-called danger zone in just 40 minutes of fun in the sun, assuming you skipped the sunscreen.

If those levels were truly toxic, beaches would be swarming with first responders… and NUDE beaches would be full of dead bodies!

In reality, you’re more likely to overdose on WATER than on vitamin D. I’m not even kidding. Vitamin D poisoning is so rare I can’t even find stats for it — and trust me, I’ve looked high and low.

Water, on the other hand, actually KILLS people. Every year, there’s a handful of people who glug water like crazy — usually at a sports event like a marathon, but sometimes it’s some dopey college prank — and get sick or even DIE because of it.

Yet the mainstream is hyping up vitamin D as if you need the keep the Poison Control number handy just for having the stuff in your house, claiming that those low levels — just 4,000 IU per day — can cause everything from kidney stones (nope) to excessive calcium buildups (only possible if you get about 12 TIMES those levels every single day for months).

So, let me cut through the bull here… wipe out the hype… and give you the news you really can use.

If you’re NOT taking a D supplement, you might want to change that ASAP — because the average American, especially older Americans, are low in the sunshine vitamin. One study found three out four Americans fell short of what they need for good health.

Since you need D for heart, bone, brain, immune function, and more, don’t let yourself be one of those three.

Your doc can test your levels, figure out how much you have, and then calculate what you need.

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