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The absolute best way to protect against dementia

Don’t let age stand in your way of a good time.

I don’t care if you’re a little older. I don’t care if you’re a LOT older. If you’re ready and able to have a little fun between the sheets… and you’ve got a willing partner… then JUST DO IT!

It’s not just the best natural way to feel alive and vibrant.

New research shows how getting frisky as often as you can when you get older could be the KEY to saving your BRAIN!

Yes, the more often you light a fire in the bedroom, the less likely you’ll burn out the grey matter up in the attic.

The new study looked at men and women from the ripe young age of 50 all the way up to 83.

That’s right. You can still “do it” at 83. No judgment.

The researchers asked these folks about their habits — especially how often — and then put them through the paces of some memory tests, including quizzes to check out the real-world functions you rely on every day.

They found that folks who still “did it” once a week or more also did the best on two absolutely essential measures of brain function.

For one, they aced a test of verbal fluency, which has questions such as “name as many F words as you can.”

Now, no one will ask you to do that in the real world. But verbal fluency is what you rely on to whip what you need from the storage of your memory and onto your tongue.

When verbal fluency falls apart, you’re left stammering with your mouth open!

Secondly, the folks who dabbled in a little “afternoon delight” once a week also performed better on a test of visuospatial ability, which includes tasks like drawing a clock from memory or copying a complicated image.

Again, no one’s going to hop out of the bushes and demand that your draw a clock from memory.

But this is the same skill that helps you figure out how to get home at the end of the day.

More importantly, both of these measures — verbal fluency and visuospatial ability — are critical markers of your overall cognitive health. When those two fizzle, you could be at risk for cognitive decline and dementia.

In other words, a once-a-week habit (or more, let’s not set limits) will not only help boost your memory… it could quite literally save you from Alzheimer’s disease!

It’s also great for your immune system and heart, and of course it’s the ULTIMATE mood-booster.

So, don’t be shy with your spouse. If you’ve got the desire and the ability, get busy. You’ve got a brain to save.

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