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This common condition can KILL heart patients

When you have heart disease, you don’t need a bookie to know the odds.

It’s the nation’s NUMBER ONE killer — and if you had to place a bet on the cause of your own death, you’ll probably put the money on that heart disease.

But you DON’T have to die of this condition — even if you already have it!

And now, new research reveals one major key to beating it back.

It’s not something in your heart… or in your arteries… or bouncing around in your bloodstream.

It’s not ANY of the conditions cardiologists usually obsess over.

That’s because this heart-boosting wonder treatment has nothing to do with your heart itself… and everything to do with your BRAIN!

Depression and other mood problems including anxiety and stress can take a toll on your ticker.

Part of that’s obvious — we’ve all heard stories of people who suffered a heart attack while in the middle of a fit of rage, and we’ve all heard of folks who “died of a broken heart.”

But this isn’t what happens when you fly off the handle… or even go into mourning after a tragic life event.

This is about the SILENT and HIDDEN toll of mood problems on heart patients.

And if you have one of those conditions yourself — even (or especially) one you’ve never spoken about it to anyone — you’re facing FOUR TIMES the risk of death from heart problems!

The risks don’t end there, either.

Those same problems can TRIPLE your risk of death from just about any other cause.

The researchers are going on and on and on about the psychological toll of all that stress, and there’s something to all that. Depression and other mood problems can hike your inflammation, which treats your heart like a punching bag.

But of course, they can’t put it all together and figure out the biggest and most common thread between these risks.

So, allow me to step in here.

One of the leading causes of unexplained mood problems is a hormone issue — and in older men, that hormone is almost always testosterone. In what is almost certainly NOT a coincidence, men with heart disease and low testosterone have an 80 percent HIGHER risk of serious heart problems.

Even women need testosterone. They need less of it, but falling short can also lead to both mood and heart problems.

If you haven’t had your own levels of testosterone and other key hormones checked, get it taken care of ASAP. And, if you need a boost, you’ll find restoring your hormone levels can get you back to your chipper old self in a flash AND slash your risk of heart problems at the same time.

Speak to a naturopathic medical doctor.

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