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The all-natural SECRET to clear arteries

It’s the secret to CLEAN and CLEAR arteries… a natural wonder that’s been hiding in plain sight.

Your doc will almost certainly ADMIT that this vitamin is absolutely essential to your health, especially deep inside your blood vessels.

And he KNOWS that the average American doesn’t get nearly enough.

Yet odds are, he’s never TESTED your own levels of this all-natural wonder.

Heck, he’s probably never so much as MENTIONED it to you!

But new research shows why you want to make sure you want to get enough vitamin K, a nutrient found in grass-fed butter and certain meats (especially organ meats).

And that’s especially true if you have kidney disease.

While nearly everyone falls short, this disease can poke a hole in your K bucket so it can never quite fill. Throw in the K-sapping drugs many folks take, and you’ve got a K-tastrophe in the making.

Low K can cause arteries to stiffen, which boosts your odds of heart disease, artery disease, heart attack, and stroke.

But you can turn it around quickly and easily.

In the new study, kidney patients on dialysis given simple K supplements (in this case, a vegetable-derived form) saw their levels of one marker of vitamin K skyrocket by 84 percent.

You’d expect that, right? When you take a vitamin, your levels of a vitamin will rise, of course.

But this very same marker is also closely linked to artery calcification — and as the levels rise, the calcification FALLS, cutting your risk of a deadly heart problem.

Now, like I said, this study focused on kidney patients who needed dialysis — who, on average, have 40 percent less vitamin K than everyone else.

But you don’t have to be in that boat yourself to be missing out.

Most Americans are!

Diet alone leaves many folks low in K, and common meds taken even by folks without kidney disease — especially warfarin — can cut those levels even more.

Get to work on turning it around, as a study published a couple years back in the Journal of Nutrition found that men with the highest intake of vitamin K2 had a 51 percent lower risk of death from heart attack.

The best way to get it is from a diet rich in butter and cheese. The new study used a supplement, and that might not be a bad idea for many folks — even without kidney disease — but speak to a doc first.

Vitamin K is safe, but it doesn’t play nice with some meds — like that warfarin I just mentioned — so you’ll need to work closely with him before you get started.

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