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Wacky ‘new milk’ has a truly bizarre side effect

A supplement that WORKS by making you GASSY?

I’m not sure what they’re trying to cure with this one. Maybe people looking for a way to clear the room… eliminate friends… and force loved ones to keep their distance!

Yet that’s what they’re cooking up right now, according to a bizarre new study in the Journal of Functional Foods.

It’s a new milk-based drink, and it’s “function” is to increase gas in the intestine — specifically hydrogen, one of the main ingredients in, well, farts.


Generally, that’s something most folks want to avoid… but in this case, volunteers were given a special “new” milk designed to actually produce more of the gas.

In tests of the breath — the upper breath, not the air rushing out from “down below” — folks given the “enhanced” milk had higher levels of hydrogen, including higher peak levels and higher hydrogen for longer periods than folks given plain old moo juice.

This, the researchers claim, is a good thing — a sign that there could be less inflammation in the intestine, since hydrogen can cut those levels, at least a little bit.

But at what cost? You could be a walking stink bomb!

The researchers don’t like admitting it. But it’s there in the study’s fine print, where it says there were no side effects… except for “mild” flatulence.

That’s one heckuva exception, especially since the research team didn’t define “mild.”

I’m going to guess it’s not what you or I would call “mild.”

See, the ingredients of this special milk include galactooligosaccharides, glucomannan, and maltitol.

It’s that last one I want to call your attention to.

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol, a very low-carb sweetener with little to no calories that’s often used in place of sugar in junk food aimed at low-carb dieters, like sugar-free chocolates and other candies.

But as folks who’ve tried these “treats” can tell you, this stuff can cause room-shaking gas. You could end up tooting so loud your neighbors will think you’ve taken up the tuba!

Call it a lesson in “junk is junk,” even if it’s low in carbs.

So, forget the “function” of this wacky new “functional food.”

If you want to protect your gut and cut inflammation — and do it WITHOUT turning yourself into a gassy social pariah — just get back to basics with a diet low in processed foods and rich in natural inflammation-fighters such as the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish.

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