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The DIRTY secret about keeping CLEAN

When is a BAN not actually a BAN?

When it’s created by the United States government!

And that’s what’s happened with triclosan, a chemical used in antibacterial soaps to kill germs, along with related chemicals such as triclocarban. The science is so clear that last year, the feds did something they almost never do: They BANNED it.

Problem #1: Studies show triclosan is no better than plain old soap at wiping out bacteria.

Problem #2: Triclosan can slam your body’s hormone factory, disrupting thyroid, testosterone, and estrogen. One study found it can even block signals between brain and muscle… including the muscles that power your heart.

You want NOTHING to do with this stuff. It’s even been linked to skin cancer!

The feds claimed they would protect you from this dangerous chemical by putting the nix on it — and sure, it’s not allowed in SOAPS anymore. But that brings us to…

Problem #3: They didn’t REALLY ban it!

Triclosan, which the feds admit is worthless and dangerous, is STILL used in dozens — maybe hundreds — of consumer products, including toothpaste.

Yes, TOOTHPASTE. That doesn’t just go on your skin. It goes directly INTO your mouth.

It’s also found in shampoo… kitchen utensils… children’s toys… blankets… cutting boards… and more.

Triclosan is even found in some credit cards, so you could get dosed every time you swipe!

Now, Environmental Working Group is calling them out for this empty approach to safety, demanding that the government ban triclosan and related chemicals from ALL consumer products.

After all, the agency has already said this toxic chemical is NOT recognized as safe and effective, so there’s no excuse for allowing it in ANYTHING.

But powerful industry players are lining up to protect their interests, and the feds are terrified of standing up to them. That means you and your family — including little ones, like grandkids — are still routinely exposed.

Since the feds won’t take action to protect you, allow me.

Avoid anything and everything that claims to have “antibacterial” powers, unless you know exactly what’s inside it and are certain it’s safe.

Some hand sanitizers, for example, contain alcohol — and that’s perfect. It’s one of the best germ-killers around.

Others still contain triclosan, and you DON’T want it anywhere near your skin.

If you want clean hands or clean hair, you don’t need anything fancy. Ordinary chemical-free soaps and shampoos and a good scrub will kill any germs and keep you clean, without the risks.

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