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Are you DYING in your sleep?

It wasn’t the drugs that killed Carrie Fisher.

Sure, the coroner’s report revealed she had done cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy in the days before her death — and none of those did her any favors.

But one of the biggest risk factors in the Star Wars actress’ stunning death last year is something that could happen to YOU… and it could happen TONIGHT!

It was sleep apnea!

And while the medical examiner couldn’t say what role — if any — the drugs played, the breath-robbing condition was listed as a definite “contributing factor” in the cardiac arrest that led to her death.

And if you doubt that apnea can have IMMEDIATE and DEADLY consequences, I’ve got a new study you need to see ASAP, because learning the risks — and taking action NOW — could be a matter of life and death.

This wasn’t a long-term study of the risks over time. This one shows what could happen to your body in a single night.


The researchers had apnea patients who sleep with CPAP oxygen machines spend two nights in the lab: One with the device on… and one with it off.

The changes were immediate.

When the machine was off, oxygen levels in the blood plunged, heart rate jumped, and sleep quality went into the toilet. Blood pressure and glucose rose… the arteries stiffened up… and the body began cranking out the stress hormone cortisol as if it were under attack.

In a way, it was — it was under attack by the apnea!

Remember: This was a SINGLE NIGHT, so there’s no time to mess around here.

Take action right now with three steps to detect and beat apnea.

First, if you even suspect you have the disease, get yourself checked out pronto. Your spouse can spot the warning signs, like loud snores and total silence. If you’re flying solo, morning headaches and sore throats along with feeling crummy after a full night of sleep are red flags.

Second, if you have sleep apnea, make sure you use your CPAP if that’s what you need. Sure, it’s about as comfortable as sleeping with a porcupine, but there’s a lot on the line here.

And third, get to work on fixing yourself up so you can kick that porcupine out of your bed. If you’re overweight, losing 5 percent will help you breathe better, and losing 10 percent or more can ease or cure the apnea.

I’ll have more on the benefits of sleep in tomorrow’s Daily Dose, but I’ve got a little homework assignment for you first.

Don’t worry, this one’s easy: Get more sleep tomorrow morning. I mean it. Sleep in, and when you wake up, check your email to find out why it’s so important to get a little extra rest on the weekends.

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