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Could cholesterol meds… give you Parkinson’s disease?!?

Fat in your belly? That’s nothing.

You should see what’s in your brain!

If your brain were a person, it would be a sumo wrestler. It’s 60 percent fat and home to about 25 percent of all the cholesterol in your body.

Your brain needs all this fat and cholesterol to function, so the last thing in the world it wants is a low-fat diet… yet that’s exactly what cholesterol drugs are to your gray matter.

They’re a diet for the brain, sucking out that essential cholesterol.

Now, new research exposes the ugly toll of those drugs, revealing how they can pull out so much cholesterol that you could suffer crippling and permanent damage upstairs.

And that could lead DIRECTLY to Parkinson’s disease!

The risk kicks in almost immediately and is highest within the first two and a half years on the meds — a discovery that takes one of the mainstream’s favorite statin talking points and flips it COMPLETELY upside down.

Those kooks have had the gall to claim the drugs can prevent just about every disease you can think of, including Parkinson’s. They can even whip out a study or two that supposedly show people who stop taking the drugs have a higher risk.

But as it turns out, the statins weren’t stopping the disease. The onset of the disease itself was probably the reason the people stopped the drugs!

The new study finds the biggest risk is linked to fat-soluble statins, which are more common and include some of the big-name drugs you see advertised on TV all the time.

That makes perfect sense; your brain has a natural mechanism that keeps most drugs out. Fats, on the other hand, have a free pass — like I said, your brain loves the stuff — so, any drug that can cloak itself in fat has a ticket into your brain.

And once inside, they’re like teens at a party while the parents are away.

They wreck the joint!

They cut down the levels of cholesterol, short-circuiting a molecule you need for dopamine, a.k.a. the neurotransmitter that goes missing in Parkinson’s patients.

And that’s only the beginning of the risks once those statins are running amok in your brain, with the drugs being linked to everything from mood disorders to memory loss and dementia.

That would be too much risk even if the drugs DID do something for you, but the ugly truth is that they really DON’T. If you’re on a healthy diet and have a total cholesterol of between 200 and 300, you don’t have too much to worry about.

Higher than that, and you don’t need a drug. You need a doc who can figure what’s causing it.

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