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OUTRAGE! Feds allow Chinese chicken into U.S. supermarkets!

I like General Tso’s chicken as much as the next guy, but only if it comes from local Chinese takeout.

I wouldn’t touch chicken that’s actually from China for all the duck in Peking!

They’ve had more scandals over there than a soap opera, with people DYING due to contaminated food.

And now, that food is coming here. The Commerce Department has quietly signed a new deal that will allow chickens bred, raised, and slaughtered in China to be shipped to the U.S. for food.

Combine that with recent deregulations that no longer require the country of origin to be listed on food labels, and you’ve got a disaster in the making.

American consumers will see chicken on sale and stock up — with no clue that their bird came from shoddy Third World conditions prone to bribery and corruption.

Here’s how bad it is over there: The head of the nation’s FDA-equivalent was EXECUTED over a scandal in which he collected bribes to look the other way over tainted products.

Think that taught the nation’s corrupt ruling class a lesson? Think again!

One year later, a deadly scandal over tainted milk led to even more executions.

As bad as that is, my friend, I’m here to say that’s just the tip of the iceberg — because even WITHOUT rampant corruption, food coming from China should scare the heck out of you.

The festering farms there are even worse than they are here. A 2012 study found PROZAC in samples of Chinese chicken. That’s because the drug was the given to the birds to calm them in the filthy and overcrowded stink-pits where they live.

And let’s not forget that China is Ground Zero of the bird flu epidemic.

Just last week, a report came out that the country’s broiler chickens — the stuff that could soon be on sale here — were being given FLU VACCINES because of the threat. That means when you eat Chinese chicken, you could get micro-doses of Prozac, flu shots, and whatever else is being pumped into the birds.

On the other hand, it’s not a completely one-sided deal.

In exchange for letting sickening Chinese chicken reach U.S. consumers, American beef is headed to China.

Yes, THAT beef — the stuff produced on factory farms so filthy there’s literally fecal matter in hamburger — will be on sale in China.

What comes around, goes around!

You don’t want any of this filth, whether it’s contaminated Chinese food or poo-burgers from U.S. factory farms, on your dinner table.

No, I’m not asking you to swear off meat. This is still ole Jack talking — and here at the Harrison House, we have our steak and eat it, too.

The key is to get locally-sourced meats — beef, chicken, pork, and more — from small organic producers who care about what they’re selling.

You’ll pay a little more… but can you really put a price on safer food?

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