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The cancer surgery you DON’T need

When you get a cancer diagnosis, you may as well get a big old bullseye slapped across your body.

You’re not a patient anymore.

You’re a TARGET!

Docs will come out of the woodwork to push treatments on you that you don’t want or need, because they know full well that most patients sign up in a hurry out of desperation.

But new research proves once again that common cancer treatments are often a flat-out scam. They’re not trying to pull the cancer out of your body… they’re after the money in your bank account.

The latest study focuses on melanoma, the less common (but far deadlier) form of skin cancer that claims nearly 10,000 American lives every year.

There’s no doubt about it: If you’ve got this one, you need help, especially if it starts spreading into the lymph nodes.

But instead of help, you’re more likely to get hoodwinked!

The study finds that the single most common procedure given to these folks is practically worthless.

It’s called a completion lymph node dissection, and it’s when they yank out just about all the lymph nodes in the area around the melanoma, even if it’s only spread to SOME of them.

Better safe than sorry, right?

Not so fast!

Turns out you’re more likely to be sorry instead of safe, because the study of nearly 2,000 melanoma patients finds there’s almost no reason at all to put yourself through the sheer heck of this operation.

Three years after surgery, 68.1 percent of the patients had disease-free survival, which might sound like a pretty good track record when you consider how deadly this cancer is.

But 63.1 percent of the folks who DIDN’T have the surgery also had disease-free survival!

That’s an absolute difference of just 5 percent, one so small that docs are calling it a draw.

It’s not a draw. Not really — not when you consider that the operation packs FOUR TIMES the rate of a serious condition called lymphedema.

Lymph nodes help drain fluid, but they can’t do the job when they’re ripped out… so that fluid can build up, and the closest limb swells like a balloon. That’s lymphedema, and that’s not the only risk.

Even if the operation goes off without a hitch, you’ll have to drain your own fluids. I don’t want you to lose your lunch, so let’s just say that’s about as fun as it sounds.

Docs say for now patients should stick to the more limited surgery. Obviously, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for cancer patients, so the real lesson here is to hold firm and not cave to any pressure tactics from some hack with a scalpel.

Instead, take some time… get a second and even third opinion… and don’t make any decisions until you’re completely comfortable with it.

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