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Your doc is being bullied by the PC police!

You can barely open your mouth these days without offending someone.

Just a couple of weeks ago, two women in Oregon had to shut down their taco truck for the crime of “food appropriation” because they were white women selling Mexican food.

Yes, we’ve reached a point where ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can say, do, or even EAT is going to upset some thin-skinned little snowflake. And now, the ugly specter of political correctness has finally elbowed its way into your most intimate of all personal spaces: the exam room in your doctor’s office.

The PC police are now bullying docs, urging them to avoid saying ANYTHING that might be considered even remotely judgmental.

New guidelines submitted to the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators even contain a list of banned words, and right at the top is “diabetic.”

That’s right. When someone’s diabetic, docs can’t tell it to them straight. They have to dance around it like they’re Fred Astaire.

There’s even alarming specific examples in the new guidelines, like a doc can no longer say you’ve got “bad” blood sugar control. Instead, he has to say you’re “above the target.”

What the heck does that even mean? It almost sounds GOOD, like you’ve done better than whatever the target is!

In another example, the doc is told not to use the word “obese” but just give the BMI and hope the patient can figure out he needs to lose some weight.

Now, I’m not saying your doc should be cruel or mean. And he darn well better be polite, too, if he wants to keep MY business. But the single most important tool in his medical bag is HONESTY.

If they take that away from him, what’s he got left?

But there’s a reason the mainstream wants to tiptoe around the issue: All the other tools in that bag stink. Just about every solution they have for diabetes is bound to make you sicker and weaker over the long haul.

They’re not just running out of words… they’re running out of options!

Fortunately, you don’t have to be trapped in the PC maze of banned words, bad meds, and failed diets.

If you’ve got diabetes or are at risk for it, getting yourself back on track is a whole lot easier than the PC police want you to believe. Don’t worry about anyone’s choice of words.

Worry about your choice of foods!

Get back to basics with an all-natural diet low in carbs and rich in animal fats, and you’ll look and feel better than you have in years — and no one will have to tiptoe around that.

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