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Frightening new aspirin risks exposed

Once you pass a certain age, it’s like the opposite of an Oprah prize.

YOU get an aspirin! YOU get an aspirin! YOU get an aspirin! And YOU get an aspirin, too!

Well, friend, just like Oprah’s infamous car giveaway came with a HUGE downside — a massive tax bill for each “winner” — that supposedly life-saving aspirin comes with a heavy toll of its own.

It can cause painful and even DEADLY internal bleeding.

You know that. Your doc knows that. Heck, EVERYONE knows that.

But new research exposes the dirty secret doctors have been working overtime to cover up: That risk is FAR HIGHER than anyone has admitted!

Well, they can’t hide it anymore.

The new study did something most others (maybe intentionally) failed to do and sorted out the risk by age.

Since younger people have a much lower risk, they drag the numbers down, making the drug seem safer than it is. As a result, the study finds that the overall risk of a serious bleeding event from aspirin is about 1 in 100.

That’s still much too high… but you might be tempted to roll the dice anyway.


Once you sort the risk by age, the ugly truth is exposed.

Folks over the age of 75 have THREE TIMES the risk of serious bleeds while on aspirin therapy and FIVE TIMES the risk of a deadly bleeding event!

The only thing worse than these ugly numbers is the mainstream solution for it.

You’d THINK the mainstream would finally give up on this aspirin nonsense once and for all. After all, studies show the risks far outweigh the benefits in folks who’ve never had a heart attack or stroke even in the best of times.

And if you HAVE had a heart attack, any benefit runs out after just four weeks.

“Doctors should know they are using guesswork rather than evidence-based medicine if they give aspirin for longer than 28 days,” Dr. John Cleland of Imperial College London told Medscape Medical News.

What can I say? This guy gets it. Unfortunately, this guy didn’t write the study. The hacks behind it have the exact opposite solution: MORE drugs!

They’re urging docs to keep giving out the aspirin… AND to give their patients proton pump inhibitors in addition.

These heartburn drugs might — emphasis on MIGHT — prevent some bleeding, but they come with risks including infection, digestive problems, bone loss and serious nutritional deficiencies.

If you’re over 75, that’s not a solution,

That’s practically a death sentence!

If you have heart risk or have had a heart attack, don’t stop taking aspirin on your own. Work with a doc who can safely wean you off the meds and onto safer solutions.

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