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Fight nearly EVERY chronic disease with ONE inexpensive pill!

There’s a creep on the loose — and this one’s lurking where you least expect it.

INSIDE your body!

It’s inflammation, and one of the best markers of this silent killer is C-reactive protein, a.k.a. CRP.

When CRP starts creeping around inside your body, your risk of just about everything jumps. Heart disease… diabetes… pain… cancer… dementia… and more can all come along for the ride when it shows up.

Now, the latest research shows one quick and easy way to fight CRP and maybe send it packing for good.

It’s inexpensive, easy to find, and — odds are — it’s something you need more of anyway.

The answer is magnesium, the miracle mineral responsible for at least 300 essential functions inside your body.

Maybe we need to bump that up to at least 301, because the recent review of 11 studies finds that boosting your magnesium can bring your CRP levels back down where they belong.

If you’ve seen a few of these kinds of studies, you know how they USUALLY work. They test magnesium levels in the body… find that higher is better… and then claim that this doesn’t mean supplements will help.

Not this time!

In this case, they looked specifically at what happens when you pop magnesium supplements — and, at first blush, it looked like a stinker.

Overall, there was no effect on CRP.

Then the researchers did what should always be done in these studies. They pulled out the folks who already had low CRP levels, since they can’t really benefit anyway.

Once they looked ONLY at the folks with high CRP levels — exactly the kind of patients who need help most — they found that the supplements delivered big.

In fact, the magnesium supplements brought those inflammation levels down, on average, by more than a third!

If that’s not enough of a motivator to get you to boost your magnesium, just take a look at some of those other 300 functions it can support. You need it to keep your bones strong and your immune system humming and to stop your muscles from withering away.

This stuff also plays a key role in one of the most important functions in your body: It literally helps keep your heart beating.

The only “catch” is that there are different kinds of magnesium out there, and some are better than the others. In general, the cheaper stuff could go in one end and out the other — sometimes dramatically, which is why it’s often used as a laxative.

Shell out a couple extra bucks for a chelated form instead.

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