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Could cheddar save your hearing?

Want better hearing? Eat more cheese!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need an excuse to enjoy more of this stuff. But if you’re looking for a reason to stock up, the U.S. military is here to help.

The U.S. Army’s TOP SCIENTISTS are so convinced that cheese is the key to hearing protection that they’re launching a major clinical trial on D-methionine, a major compound found in cheese.

Your body can’t make this essential amino acid, so you need to get it from the foods in your diet — especially cheese, eggs, and sesame seeds. You’ll also find it in lower levels in some meats, especially bacon.

Hmmm… eggs, cheese, bacon, and sesame? Sounds like breakfast to me!

You need this amino acid for your liver, but a series of recent studies found it can also protect hearing and restore damaged nerve cells in the ear. That, in turn, can help prevent or reverse tinnitus as well as the kind of hearing loss caused by cancer, certain medications, and loud noises.

It’s that last one the U.S. military is so interested in, for obvious reasons, which is why they have hundreds of soldiers lined up and ready to take either D-methionine supplements or a placebo to see what happens.

Given the success of the earlier trials, it’ll be no surprise if they end up with better protection from artillery and other noises by the time this thing is through.

There’s one big downside here, and that’s the fact that scientists aren’t yet sure how much of this stuff you’ll need to get to boost your hearing.

It could be a lot higher than what you’ll get from a handful of cheddar cubes. In fact, the amounts the new study plans to test are so high that the soldiers aren’t even going to try to eat this much cheese.

Instead, they’re going to have a special cheesy drink.

I love cheese, but drinking it? BLECH!

The levels in the drink are what you’d get from eating about five pounds of cheese in a single day. Honestly, I think I could handle that… but I’m not going to put that theory to the test.

If you want the benefits yourself — whether it’s for hearing loss from tinnitus, a lifetime of loud noises, or any other cause — there’s a more reasonable solution.

Speak to a doc about taking a D-methionine supplement. It’s inexpensive and easy to find.

Then, feel free to eat some Swiss cheese with your bacon and stuff your omelet full of cheddar.

Just don’t drink it.

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