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The deadly disease you DON’T know you have

It’s one of the nation’s leading killers — twice as deadly as the leukemia that just claimed the life of Batman star Adam West.

It’s kidney disease, and the latest numbers show why this condition is so frightening. You could have it yourself — RIGHT NOW — and not even know it!

New numbers from the National Kidney Foundation show that 30 MILLION Americans are now living with kidney disease, a number far higher than anyone had ever estimated before.

That’s one in seven adults. And since kidney risk rises with age, that percentage is almost certainly far higher among older folks.

I haven’t even gotten to the truly alarming part of this yet.

The BEST and sometimes ONLY way to beat this disease and save your own life is to catch it quick and take action right away.

But you can’t do a thing about it if you don’t even know it’s there — and, odds are, you won’t know it’s there. The study finds that 96 percent of patients with early-stage kidney disease have no clue that they’ve got it.

The numbers don’t get much better as the disease gets worse.

Nearly HALF of the patients who have severe kidney problems STILL don’t know it!

I know what you’re thinking.

How in the heck can you miss something THAT bad?

Well, friend, it’s a lot easier than you think, because the warning signs aren’t always obvious.

Heck, they might not be in the kidneys at all!

You could have problems with fatigue and “brain fog.” You could suffer from muscle cramps. You might even struggle with sleep.

All of those problems are often blown off.

“I’m just getting older,” you tell yourself. Heck, your own doc might even tell you that.

But it’s not your age. It’s your kidneys!

And because those warning signs are so often missed, close to 1,000 Americans die of kidney disease every week, making it deadlier than nearly any form of cancer except for lung cancer.

LIVING with it isn’t much better. You could end up on dialysis… waiting desperately for a kidney transplant that might never come.

So, don’t let this one slip by under your radar. Other warning signs include stuff you might expect, like changes in your pee habits, and some you might not, including appetite problems or nausea and vomiting.

If you’re not feeling right, get help.

And if your doc tries the “you’re just getting older” bull, insist on some basic tests for kidney function. Find out what you’re up against — and if your kidney function is dropping, get your act together now, before you become part of these ugly numbers.

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